8-in-1 portable Wash Cup set, travel super convenient, a cup in hand to go ~ !

A business trip is not like being at home
All kinds of toiletries need to be prepared by yourself
Especially for the hair quality, body sensitive person
Dare not change the Shampoo, Shower Gel
And so...
It adds to the traveling burden...

You might say, don't hotels offer disposable toiletries? Why go to all that trouble? Let's not talk about how it works ... Are you sure it has to be a one-time thing ?! Oh-ho-ho ~ ~ who knows ???

So in order to get out of the house and make toiletries less cumbersome and lighter, this Crystal Diamond eight in one Wash Cup set is just what you need. . .

Crystal Diamond 8-in-1 Wash Cup set

The package includes: 2 sub-bottle (50 ML) for shampoo and shower Gel, 2 mouthwash cups, 1 bamboo towel, 1 folding comb, 1 pcs Toothpaste (45g), and 1 pcs spiral brush toothbrush ( total 8 pieces) 
8 in 1  Combination set

Like the size of a Water Cup, the weight is only about 350g, whether it is placed in a handbag, backpack, luggage is very convenient, small portable does not take up space. . .

The Cup Body is made of thickened food-grade ABS material. It is durable, not fragile, safe, no peculiar smell, moderate cup body, and more comfortable grip feeling. . .

At the same time, one up and one down of the design of the Gargle Cup can be used as a toothbrush cup when you brush your teeth, but also when the cup body can be used as a sealed cover, to avoid dust into,  It opens and closes very quickly.

And the Gargle Cup uses the diamond cutting craft, presents the crystal-like crystal clear texture, causes the cup body to appear the elegant high-end, the style is full.

It is worth mentioning that the mouthwash can withstand high temperatures, even if used to pour boiling water is no problem, can completely replace the Hotel Drinking Cup to use 

The top Gargle Cup part contains shampoo, shower gel bottle, folding comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste. . .
The bottom Gargle Cup is kept separately for towels.
The ingenious design of Subarea storage not only avoids the cross pollution caused by each other but also makes access more convenient. . .

Of these, shampoo and body wash are bottled at a capacity of 50 ml, and large bottles of shampoo and body wash at home can be repackaged and used for several days in separate containers, and can also be taken with the plane oh ~ (single bottle less than 100 ml can be taken with the flight)
Transparent window design, two separate emulsion bottles of liquid color is also clearly visible, not easy to confuse, more convenient to grasp the remaining capacity. 
And to prevent shower Gel and shampoo from leaking out soiled luggage, but also used a thoughtful leak-proof buckle design, only getting out buckle can be used by the regular press.

And the comb uses the foldable design, the handle grasps is very convenient, the comb tooth is mellow thick does not hurt the scalp.

Toothbrushes are soft and fine spiral brush wire, can be deep contact teeth clearance gap, do effective teeth cleaning, and toothpaste is used brand Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, even if bought separately is not cheap.

The towel is bamboo fiber material, size is custom-made, and the surface using diamond relief jacquard to enhance the texture, with soft fluffy, absorbent, not easy to produce odor and so on.

In addition to the luxury 8-piece set described above, there is a standard 5-piece set (no toothbrush, toothpaste, towels), as well as Sapphire blue, Shell purple, elegant gray, coral pink 4 colors available.

Creative outdoor travel  portable Wash Cup set
Whether it's for work
Or are you just GONNA take a walk
It will be more convenient with it ~ ~