Don't Miss IT ! A good companion on your travels ---folding waterproof backpacks

I always like things that can be deformed, like Transformers when I was a child, like Lego when I grow up, This kind of thing can be transformed into a variety of shapes is always full of infinite imagination.
As far as bags are concerned, I've always found the foldable backpack to be a good design, which can be used in daily life, folded in the corner when traveling, and can be taken out immediately to expand the shopping capacity if you buy more things. Travel, you will always come across the awkwardness of not having a bag, or encounter a good souvenir but suffer from no place to pack and have to give up. And my mother and I have the same idea, but she always wants to go to the supermarket shopping, the shopping bag is not easy to carry, shopping more hands feel tired. So, came up with the idea of buying a better folding backpack, either for myself, or for mom, but there is no action...

The foldable backpack that I recommend to you today, I just want to say: Shut up and take my money. Because it really is a travel or shopping artifact.

The pack weighs just 0.3 kg, about the weight of four eggs, and you can easily lift it with only a few fingers. You can carry it around without getting tired.
The folded volume is also tiny, and you can fit it into the corner of your drawbar case for added capacity
The foldable bag is made of nylon and offers excellent resistance to sharp cuts and water. It is also ideal for travel and adventure. Some areas of the pack have been reinforced for maximum load-bearing, making the entire folding pack very sturdy.

It's amazing how much storage space it has. It has four separate pockets for storage. You have no idea how much you can fit into a two-shouldered folding bag like this. Go shopping or on a trip, just buy!  I'm sure you can take home no matter how much GOODS you purchased.

The folding process is also extremely convenient, requiring only 4 simple steps to quickly shrink it to the size of a single palm
The whole folding bag is exquisite in workmanship, humanized in design and maximizes the user's experience

Available in a variety of colors
This folding waterproof bag is sure to be your best travel or shopping companion!