Washing machine is about to cry, the Lazy Man's DREAM ARTIFACT ! With a bucket, you can wash anywhere !

my biggest headache is washing clothes Even if you save enough clothes to use the washing machine every time, But you have to Pick Out by color, by category.  different colors can't wash together, You can't wash your underwear and your socks together. . .

 laundry business is really time-consuming and electricity-consuming!

Search for a long time, And finally, we found it The washing machine that solves all problems! Small size, energy saving, super convenient!

because it's small enough and works well, even on the road,  you can wash your clothes easily at any time,  No more worrying about the washing machine.

Some daily clothes can only be washed by hand, Takes up a large part of study and Recreation Time, and you never know if you can clean it. this artifact solves everything. From now on, small articles of clothing, close-fitting clothing, etc. You don't have to pile it up and wait for it to be washedand countless people were captivated by it.
Solve your laundry problems in no time. Imitation hand rub, clean more thoroughly, from then on washing and the same time hand safety without hurt.

 THIS MINI ULTRASONIC WASHING MACHINE applies to t-shirts, shirts, light skirts, close-fitting clothing, socks, and other small, lightweight clothing, but not for jeans, jackets and other heavy clothing. The mini washing machine is designed in a single style, suitable for personal laundry, suitable for 1 kg of laundry. You can wash the clothes in batches when there is a lot of laundries.

When in use, the mini washing machine can be fixed on the barrel wall with a sucker on the bottom and can start working conveniently

Its unique ultrasonic high-frequency Sterilization function is more suitable for cleaning small items of intimate underwear. The sound energy carried by the ultrasonic wave can be continuously excited in water, crushing, and exploding countless micron-level Bubble. The burst process of each Bubble causes instantaneous high temperatures of up to 1,000 atmospheres, which in turn concuss, emulsify and peel off the dirt.

Turbine Can rotate bidirectional, clockwise, and then anti-clockwise to make cleaning more effective. , automatic protection after 30 minutes of continuous operation of washing, machine shutdown program more safe and worry-free.

It also supports three modes, turbo cleaning, ultrasonic vibration cleaning, and bubble cleaning. Various working modes meet the needs of different clothes, and a smart one-button setting will make your washing easy.

since the use of this washing machine, Really saves a lot of hand washing time,
small piece classification cleaning is more convenient!
You can even get a new look with just spending a  mask time

Ingenious design, portable, energy saving and more durable.
Light in weight, small in volume, Portable, 250G WEIGHT
Can Be Carried in a knapsack, No matter business trip, travel, it is your good partner ~~
Shell made of eco-friendly ABS, nontoxic, firm, and wear-resistant. Water-saving and energy-saving, Not only for T-shirts, shirts and towels, but also for jewelry, glasses and other small items.

What can you do in 15 minutes?

The students can memorize more than a dozen words
Workaholics can answer a few emails
The ladies could use a facial mask and take a rest
In short,

I just don't want to do the laundry!

Mini ultrasound washing machine. Don't you want to try it?