A different way to get around on a rainy day ---Reverse Folding Umbrella

Rainy days are really troublesome weather. It is not so convenient to go out to work or school.

Think it's all right to bring an umbrella when it rains? You are still too naive, whenever it rains, there will always face the "wet" unpleasant situation, such as...
When you walk in the door

when got in the car,

get out of the car

when the wind blows

And even when you get to your destination, it's a question of where to put your wet umbrella.

When you wet a perfectly good floor, do you blame gravity?

Besides, sometimes the entire surface of the umbrella is blown by the strong wind, and it will be blown over, even can not be caught, and sometimes even break the skeleton, and the whole umbrella will be directly scrapped.
So, want to travel comfortably in the rainy day, first, you have to have a good umbrella, the general umbrella will be directly damaged in windy weather, then how sturdy umbrella can bear the heavy responsibility? Actually, it's just your umbrella opening the wrong way.
Today to recommend this umbrella, can be said in the umbrella industry is a revolutionary design. After years of dedicated research (in fact, to better put on a cool shape in the rain) , designers have developed this inverted folding umbrella.

That's it!
The umbrella uses a double-layer cloth, inside and outside close joint to the umbrella bone, head, and tail of the umbrella cloth can slide on the umbrella axis, from inside to outside open like a Blooming flower. Is it cool to just imagine it?
The reverse folding design makes the dry side of the umbrella face outwards, ensuring the clean and refreshing of the clothes and the floor.
Unique c-type hanging handle, completely free hands, more convenient to use.

Star anise modeling, place at will, the umbrella can also stand steadily. No more worrying about not finding a place to put a wet umbrella

In addition to this, the umbrella does not drip: Because the umbrella is coated with a hydrophobic coating, it does not trap raindrops, and when the umbrella is folded, the outside becomes the inside, and when the umbrella is closed, the rain is trapped directly inside the umbrella and will not flow down the umbrella, double-layer breathable hydrophobic material, rain can fall on the top of the moment, will not deposit dust, and can keep dry. . .

Second, it can open and close in the smallest space: When it rains, you can open and close the umbrella in the smallest space, reducing the probability of getting wet.
Even in crowds, it opens and closes easily: Since the opening of the umbrella is facing up, you don't have to hold it up to avoid poking people around.
Finally, it has a unique design to withstand strong winds: Because the umbrella uses double spokes, you don't have to worry if it blows over, and a button on the handle restores it to the original shape of the opening.