A Must-Have for summer travel ------- mini 3-in-1 hand-held USB Charging Fan

Stay at home and at The office on a hot Summer Day, There are also air conditioners and fans to blow on. But what to do when you go shopping or when you travel, Do you have to be out in the sun, bear the heat? !

It's really unbearable…..
Don't worry. It'll keep you fine.
This beautiful hand-held the multi-functional mini fan can be held in the hands, can be placed on the desktop, anytime, and anywhere to enjoy their own share of the "cool."

Use Hidden Folding bracket design, when the fan opened, can easily stand on the desktop, like a mini "desk" fan

Inspired by the drone's propeller, the fan, which is based on the fluid mechanics design, optimizes the shape of the blade to provide greater blade area, increased aerodynamics, and more wind power at the same rotational speed. 

Adopt DC brushless motor, pure copper high-permeability core, the attenuation coefficient is smaller, energy consumption ratio is increased significantly

The combination of the copper BLDC motor and the aerodynamically optimized blade gives the fan low power consumption and high wind power, enough for two days on a single charge

It's Small and really portable and it's handy to use, no longer a problem, with a 130g mini body that's about the same length as a cell phone, even a girl's purse can hold it It's so convenient to go shopping. and travel

2 Grade Air volume can be adjusted, the use of simple key control mode, just need to gently press the power button, soft wind, strong wind as you want to adjust

Blade is made of high-quality TPE soft plastic, soft texture, each of the fans is carefully checked to ensure smooth edges are not sharp, safe and prevent cutting, advanced automatic stop protection design, gently touch can stop the fan, from finger to hair, it's very protective

Super Sweet Mute design, natural wind feeling with each sleep, gentle and comfortable, bringing the exclusive cool in summer. 40 decibels first-grade wind, 50 decibels second-grade wind 

Ladies'limited space bag require everything you carry is multi-functional, built-in parabolic curved surface design lamp cap reflection can be used as a portable flashlight, Compared to the conventional LED lighting, effectively reduce light loss, brightness is stronger, friends who often need to walk at night can no longer fear, let this 3in1 hand-held Fan light the way home

At the same time built-in 2000 MA battery, can be used as your emergency mobile power supply, so that you do not fear cell phone service, free travel on the road more security.

Through the built-in intelligent chip can support computers, chargers, car interface, power adapter, and other USB charging methods,

small and cute, but it's powerful, and it can be used in a variety of situations

whether it's reading at home, relaxing in the park, or enjoying a cool moment in a cafe, you can blow on it as much as you want. . .

Simple design, a variety of colors to choose, trendy in the hot summer