A toolbox on your wrist --- Multi-functional Spliced Tool Bracelet

Do you like girls like that?
Lathes + girls,
It's a great combination.
Stop Drooling!
We're not here to introduce girls.
The girl wore a a metal bracelet on her right hand.

What's that?

It's just a bracelet, isn't it?
What's so special about it!
It was quite unique in that.

Open the bottle

You can use it to assemble and disassemble anything you want

So, you can say goodbye to this big Guy down.

Wear this bracelet
It's like you've got this big box tied up in your hand!
If you have to make one of these bracelets yourself
And I won't Stop You
But at least think about aesthetics

Let's take a look
What kind of design
lets this wristband "toolbox" become a reality
Made of high strength titanium steel from the chain to the point of contact, It's an uncomplicated design but combines 29 features into one wristband, It has 10 different steel chains to choose from and each chain has two or three functions.

The workmanship of each piece of chain was perfect

And each chain can be arbitrarily split, combination, according to the needs of different tools, according to the size of their wrist to choose the appropriate number of steel chain. However, it should be noted that the split combination needs a screwdriver.

29 tools on each piece of the chain
a tight layout,
ingenious design,
I couldn't help but feel that the designer had put in a lot of effort

Not just a wristband
You can choose the dial you like,
Combine with it and wear 

Let me tell you something
This mechanical thing,
It can also be very stylish

can be very sexy

can also be very outdoor

can be very artistic

that's right, it can also be very military

now, aren't you burning up?