Free To Create Magical Scenes -- magic flying butterfly

Want to create your own magic scene, with its help you can also become a magician.
no need to say a word, check the video below, you will know everything

here is the example to Use this product to generate magic scenes
 1 the resurrection of butterflies: Shred and restore the butterfly paper, so that the butterfly flew out from the paper.
 2 hand Transformation: The caterpillar (butterfly larvae) into the hands, making it suddenly become a flying butterfly.
 3 the Freedom of the butterfly: A few butterflies were changed from one banknote.
 4 the vitality of the page: From the pages to change more than butterflies.
 5 butterfly works: A few butterflies flew from an empty scarf.
 6 the magic box: An empty box to change the only fly butterfly
be free to create much more fun and magic!