Get a good sleep while you travel ----Portable Multi-function Travel Inflatable Pillows

Many people feel sleepy in the middle of the day. Especially for some office workers and friends who travel a lot, the time in the middle of the day is quite difficult. The NAP pillow we have seen is usually simple and small If you sleep for a while, your arms will feel numb, and you won't sleep well, not to mention traveling in a car, even with a u-shaped pillow. Not only did I sleep hard, but I slept in an ugly position.

Well, is there an inflatable pillow that can solve our problem?
The answer, of course, is: Yes, the following travel artifact
It has 6 significant features, specifically designed for taking a NAP during a trip or lunch break
1 face area hollow design, hollow and breathable, perfectly fit the face curve, support the head, not easy to press the face, not easy to drool, whether it is sleeping on the stomach or sleeping on the side is entirely no problem

2 Hands-in design, the arm is not easy to feel Numb, hands placement area adopt a hollowing design, hands natural comfortable placement even can play with your phone while you rest

3 with a closed valve nozzle design, support rapid inflation and deflation, large-caliber one-way intake valve, blowing air when no leakage, press the valve easily deflated

4 Flocking PVC fabric, Soft and gentle to the skin, flocking fabric comfortable and soft, delicate, not easy to sultry, It's very suitable for use all year round

5 Hot pressure seamless sealing technology, sealing and very strong, not easy to leak, and Firm and durable

6 soft and easy to fold, easy to Take in, compact size, Save Space

Whether it's on the car or on the table, because there's a gap in the middle, it just fits the arms, and the face area is also designed to fit the face, and it's also quite convenient to play with the phone, such an artifact It's incredible how you can get a good night's sleep on the bus without having to worry about numbing your hands.