It's not just a phone case, it's a vintage Handheld Game Console!

Now the people who work in the office every day like robots, earn a not high salary, but are under great pressure .Whenever this time recalls the childhood time, although simple but actually so happy.We didn't have cell phones, we didn't have ipad, and we certainly didn't have the  League of Legends.
But it was in those days, it was our happiest, most memorable day.

Now we all have a special attachment to childhood , inviting good friends over the holidays Playing Video Games together for hours at home can be really wonderful !

Familiar with the picture,and the musicWow! There were so many pleasant memories here! 

But , It's really  hard to find  such kind of Handheld Game Console nowadays
Most of Us spent our childhoods with such a tiny machine ,We often Memories about the past , But there's no going back .

Of course ,You can't have a time machine, 
But, Luckilywe can still have it
Full-color display game phone case !
It's not just the phone caseIt's also a stand alone handheld game console!
A tribute to childhood ,Full-color display game phone case 
As a stress reliever beyond the FIDGET SPINNER
a small fuselageBut contains dozens of Free Classic Games 

More Fun Games wait for you to experience
And more importantly, None of the Games need to be loaded, Play it any way and any where you want .
Long trips are boring , You don't want to just sit there and do nothing ,right!
Then look for the game's phone case, It's what I do when I'm bored .

Too much pressure at work, A little game to calm things down ,it'll only take a minute ,relieve your stress and recharge your‘batteries’

As a phone case, give your phone 360° Full ShieldNot only does it keep the dust out, It can also prevent water splash and skid

precision drilling ,it doesn't affect the photo shoot and use of flash.

TPU, the use of resistance to impact material It's a good way to disperse the impact .Minimizes cell phone damage,and protect your Beloved Cell Phone

beside thatThe border of the case is slightly higher Effective Screen ProtectionReduce Wear and tear

Its unique creativityHas Changed the way people think about mobile phone cases 
I saw something different Handheld Game Console

Some people would be worried, What happens when the battery runs out 
In fact, the product designers have already thought of this point 
Mobile Phone Case built-in battery, with the help of a USB cable , phone case can be easily charged at any time .

 after charging for 1 hour,it can be used for 4 hours 
 Let you have a good time, let the taste of childhood more lasting 

Going out with a case like this ,Whether it's on the subway or  you just want to spend your free time,It's GONNA BE AMAZING, Hands All Over it ! 
You want your childhood back, fine ! 
JUST get one,Full-color display game phone case ,
 with it Let's kick off our Childhood Game Wars .

With multiple colors to choose , perfect support for the iphone!