magical box that you can't travel without it --- Universal Travel Power Adapter

Have been looking forward to it for such a long time, and finally fast to the end of the year, With a year-end bonus and a long vacation , The body is still in the office, but the heart has flown to romantic Turkey, Tokyo and Paris (with accompanying music)

Traveling abroad, however, is the Art of Scientific Common Sense. From scheduling to preparation, If all goes according to plan, travel is “Roman holiday”, and when things go wrong it becomes Lost on Journey.

For example, I flunked physics in High School, in the review of various overseas strategies, found that everyone mentioned a key issue: Plug!
It is said that the greatest distance in the world, is that you got a dead phone battery, in front of  you a socket there , but you can not plug in.

This is because each country's power outlet is different, Google the keyword ”travel adaptor” the result show even reached more than 100 kinds of plug modelling, more than your Emoji.

Every time travel abroad , carry a lot of different plug, which in the end need to be taken! It's really freaking me out.
It's not just a matter of switching plugs, sometimes a whole family traveling abroad needs to use a hair dryer, iron, etc. , but the hotel design is not reasonable lead to limited plugs, you have to use one by one in line, it is really bad mood.
But I would say, really, don't let the little thing of recharging spoil your trip

Finally, a little gadget That was made for you showed up: A universal multi-purpose adaptor that will solve all your problems by bringing just only one device to satisfy you who doesn't want to go abroad with a pack of plugs and chargers.

This is a magic cube-shaped, but only the size of an ordinary charging plug. Slide
down the side of the switch button, there will be a corresponding plug out, the flat
round head, triangle flat head, two round head... ...... It's all ready for you.

It's no exaggeration to say that in more than 150 countries and regions across five continents and seven oceans, it can charge you up wherever you can find an outlet.
Small, portable, but powerful function and easy to carry 
4usb ports provide standard USB 5V / 2.4 a output (5V / 3.4 a Max, support fast charging) , it can
charge 4mobile devices simultaneously. Universal charger is compatible with almost all USB Devices like Smart Phones, Bluetooth Speaker, digital cameras and so on. "Compact and lightweight. Optimized to charging fast,safe and efficient


Lightning protection, Short Circuit Protection, compatible with all types of electrical appliances,
intelligent distribution of the charging Jack, so that higher charging efficiency
made of PC high temperature flame retardant materials,non-toxic raw materials, wear-resistant and high temperature resistance, through 800 degrees thermal experiment,more safer and more secure to use

Unique children anti-electric shock protection design, add 80N safety protection gate, equivalent to 8.0 kg weight of pressure, to avoid accidental insertion of Jack, to prevent children from electric shock, increase the use of security.

Traveling abroad is easy to meet the high voltage and damage to electronic products, overload fuse will automatically fuse, to ensure the safety of your electronic products Support 3.4A lightning fast charging, family travel multi-user is no longer worry
It's compatible with almost every android phone and IPHONE.

You think that's it? No, it's Certified and Safety: Has FCC, CE AND ROHS Certified Safety system, ensures complete protection for you and your devices

it's portable and small enough to hide in your pocket, so you can't live without it in airports and hotels
Long-distance business trip, in order to Charging the laptop, mobile phone, potable battery, Shaver, etc…, you might want to bring along a storage bag full of different charging head . .
In contrast, you still only need to bring it, can eliminate all charging trouble.
It's lightweight and small, and as big as a regular phone charger, it fits easily in your pocket.
You can also use the lanyard to hang on the shoulder bag and take it as you like.
This little device works especially well in airports, where you can plug it in quickly without having to dig through your suitcase.
After so much introduction, why don't you try it yourself, and it'll show you how easy it is to charge