Magnetic usb Cable For iphone lighting / Micro USB / Type C

 At the moment, smartphones are overgrowing, but one of the big problems holding them back Is the battery life, which for many heavy users has become commonplace. Well, plug and pull the charging port/ data port every day, the other parts of the machine are very new, but less than a month near the data port, there are scratches everywhere, suddenly feel that the new device has become a disastrous state.

In general, rechargeable electronic equipment always have frequent plug-and-pull problems, mobile phone charging port is extremely vulnerable to damage, to protect the port and Make sure your phone is still brand new when you use it
choose a Magnetic USB Cable, it can solve all your problems. a choice, no need to plug and pull Your charging port any more. durable and Convenient, keep your phone looking like a new model even if it's been around for years.

The product features a unique knit line design that is particularly soft, tensile, and long-lived compared to the usual plastic lines.

Magnetic plug and cable are magnetically adsorbed,
Support Apple's Lighting&Type-C& Micro-USB three types of heads

Three types of plug can share a charging cable, greatly expanding the use of charging cable in different scenarios, while saving your wire costs.

Connected by a spring-pin contact.

Magnetic plug and cable magnetic absorption distance in the range of 3 cm, when the distance is less than 3 cm, can complete a magnetic absorption connection.
Relative to the conventional charging cable, after the insertion of the Magnetic plug, very Difficult to pull out or drop.  After salt spray test, Aluminum Alloy joint is strong corrosion resistance and never rust

If the phone is used with the phone case, it seems that the protrusion is not apparent and it is suitable for most plastic cases

Dust-proof design, effectively prevent dust into the charging port, significantly extend the life of your mobile phone.

In actual Testing, you can slowly lift up a 6.4-inch phone which about 240 grams, the magnetic attraction of the cable itself, are very strong. It's even easier on a 140-gram iPhone.

Through the instrument, it can be found that although the magnet design, the circuit still guarantees the support of the charge identification protocol, as well as the regular recognition and activation of various fast charging modes, whether QC charging Or Apple's 5V 2.4A protocol can be incorrect identification mode, leaving your phone in a safe charging mode.

In addition to Magnetic attraction, standard data transmission can also be guaranteed. After connecting the phone to the PC before transmitting the data. Just Use It as if it were a regular data line. 

Magnetic contact design for driving friends who wanna charging at the same time or friends playing with the phone before Going to bed can be very convenient. one second to plug in the charging wire for charging, with error-proof design, whether positive or negative, can be magnetic attraction.

Even in the dark, when the phone is placed close to the charging wire  with one hand, the cable will automatically absorb, and the small led light will light up when it starts charging, which can help you find it quickly in the dark without blinding.

The cable is made of high quality material with small impedance, fast transmission speed and long-lasting Stability

Compared with the straight wire, the magnetic absorption wire is also designed to protect against overvoltage, reflux, and other multiple technical designs. To make the charging process safer.

Choose such a magnetic wire, with various mobile phones, to bring you more convenient.

Magnetic mode, data Transmission&charging two-in-one wire, reduce the phone plug times, reduce scratches near the plug. The use of magnetic absorption mode is hugely convenient, place your phone  next to the charging wire, automatically start charging . Especially Especially suitable for charging while driving, wanna charging your iPhone Without the lights on at night t, Just throw your phone in the bag and it automatically connects to the charger and starts charging.