No regrets, Help your child Records his own world ---- mini Digital kid’s camera

In everyone's life, there are only a few years of pure and precious childhood time. Many children's parents take many photos of their children as souvenirs. In fact, let the children themselves capture the scenes they like in their lives With their own eyes to record the pieces of their life, their childhood partners, to know the world is really very meaningful. But it's also tough to find a camera that they can use. Almost all camera equipment is afraid of being dropped, and it's either too big or too heavy and too slippery, Which leads me to believe that photography, kind to children, but let the children grow up a little bit to try it!
But how old do you have to be to be old?
It wasn't until I saw the children's digital camera that I realized how easy it is for children to experience photography from a young age!

Looking at this camera, first, you will be attracted by its shape, a small size, super cute, color is also particularly beautiful.

Even though it's a child's camera, it still has all the features that make it very easy to take pictures with just 6 Buttons. With a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, it's not quite the same as a professional camera, but it's more than enough to take a child's picture. The camera's display is a 2-inch color screen, which is just the right size for kids, and the color brightness is adjusted to be the best, without damaging the child's vision.

Support external memory card, which can hold about 400 photos in 1 GB and can hold up to 32 GB. Kids don't just take pictures for fun, it’s also a dangerous thing.

The viewfinder is child-friendly, that is to say, the children in the screen view of the landscape, take a picture of the the same angle of view, so that the child is easier to learn, but also more interested and confident ~

Whether it is a professional camera or toy cameras, are generally square with edges and corners, in the process of taking pictures, children too focused on shooting, may bump into themselves and get Hurt. This camera body without edges and corners, each side is a circular arc, very thoughtful to take care of the children's safety.
This camera is not only carefully designed in the shape of a circular arc, but also takes into account the easy-to-slip of children, so it has a unique shape of the part held by the hands-on both sides So that the child in holding the camera can increase some friction, so the the camera is not easy to be accidentally dropped.

Simple and Funny Operation: Only 5 control buttons, easy for kids to operate; supports special effects, picture frames, filter effects and some simple games, which makes it more interesting to play.

Durable and Anti-drop: High-quality plastic shell, durable and anti-drop, comes with a strap for kids to hang the camera on their neck to prevent accidental falling down or lost.

The camera has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged using an ordinary USB charging wire. 

Function description of Camera Button

1. USB
2. Mode Button
3.SD Slot
4. Speaker
5. Microphone
6. Lens
7. Power Button
8. Video Button / Camera Button
9. Screen Display
10. Menu Button
11. Down Button
12. Up Button

1.USB: USB data interface, 1 is used to connect PC to transmit data; 2 is used to connect the external power supply to charge battery or provide working power;
2. Mode key The following modes can be switched in standby mode: 1 recording mode. 2 camera mode. 3 video playback and photo browsing mode;
3.SD card slot Install the slot of the SD card;
4. Speaker Play a sound of a sound video or file;
5. Microphone a sound receiving port of a video or an audio file;
6. Lens
7. The power button for equipment switching machine
8. Recording button/camera button 1 In the camera mode, short press this button to start recording, short press again to stop recording; 2 short press this button to take a photo in the camera mode; 3 in the menu mode is the confirmation button;
9. Screen Display 2.0 inch color display;
10. Menu button Short press this button to call up the function setting menu; press this button again to exit the function setting menu;
11. Down button In the menu options, select the function key down;
12. Page up In the menu options, select the function key up;

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