Saviors to Dog-phobe ---- Dog Repellent

Dogs are friends of humans, but for a variety of reasons, street dogs often attack passers-by, especially for people who fear dogs, and sometimes dogs just passing by could be a nightmare of Dog-phobe. According to news reports, at least 10 million people around the world are bitten in varying degrees by dogs every year, and rabies is a frequent cause of death. None of us want to meet a vicious dog, and none of us want to provoke it. But unlucky ,you happen to be pounced on by a passing vicious dog , how to do? We have long since become inescapable, running or hiding from those vicious dogs that seem to be watching you with malice in their eyes? How much longer are you going to have to put up with all those loose dogs on the street, those unsupervised strays, walking around , looking over your shoulder per Second? In addition to our own, but also to protect the children around us, When danger strikes, How do we protect their safety.

Perhaps You who agonize all the time never know that, there is such a product can protect you no longer tolerate the intrusion of vicious dogs,
It's the dog repellent 

It is better not to use it for a thousand days than not to be prepared for it.
What the little Electronic Equipment can do for you:
Prevent dogs from approaching, prevent dogs from chasing, scare off bad dogs, assist in driving the dog away, train the dog to Stop Barking
It's amazing what something so small can do, so what is it that makes it so amazing.
A dog's auditory system is 16 times more sensitive than a human's, and can clearly detect movement within a kilometer of its surroundings even when sleeping. Dogs can hear sounds in the range of 15 to 100,000 HZ.

Since the dog's auditory system is so sensitive, we can use sound to keep the dog away from us.

What kind of noise does a dog fear? How do you use that sound to keep the dog away? Sudden loud noise will make the dog fear, and instinct to escape, to ensure their own safety.

In Life, we've all had the experience of a dog running away from a loud noise. During the big noise of the new year fireworks, the dog will hide in a safe place until the noise disappears. The sound of thunder on a summer night can also frighten a dog, making it curl up in a corner and shudder.

If a dog is afraid of a sudden loud noise , why not make a sudden loud noise when it comes in? That's right, but how do we make that sound when we're dealing with a dog?
Obviously, making a loud noise is very troublesome. It causes noise pollution and affects other people. Then we need a sound that dogs can hear and fear, but people can't hear at all.

Human hearing is 16-20000Hz, just need to produce more than 20000Hz sound. That will be heard by the dogs
Sound above 20,000 hz is ultrasonic and requires special tools. The dog repeller is a device that produces ultrasonic waves. let the dog generate fear and actively escape. There will be no noise pollution and no harm to the dog.
One button to open, drive away the dog, in case of danger can prevent dogs to bite, harassment, to protect your family and Personal Safety

There are three modes:

Lighting Mode: emit strong white light, can be used for lighting, usually can be used as a small flashlight
Training Mode: Fires a strong flash and weak high-frequency ultrasound , used for daily training dogs, Stop Barking
Evict mode: Fires a strong flash and powerful high-frequency ultrasound for emergency escape in the case of a vicious dog

Delicate, compact, stylish and easy to carry, when charging will not be hot, powerful high-frequency ultrasound can produce a strong shock to dogs, effectively prevent dog bite, achieve the effect of expulsion, at the same time ultrasound harmless to the human body, safe to use.

The effective distance of the dog repellent is 6 meters. The closer you use it, the better the effect is. If you encounter a fierce dog barking at you, you can open it with one button within 3 to 6 meters. Put the gear into the drive mode and aim the gun at the vicious dog Then press and hold the beam button firmly

This product is a self-defense type of products, please do not deliberately use this product to provoke vicious dogs. in case of the dogs without aggressive behavior, the best way to deal with is to avoid, try not to confrontation.