This is the right way to drink every last drop of yogurt!

Yogurt is a kind of milk product fermented with bacteria added to the milkbut also the people's favorite food. It is pure white thick, sweet, and sour for all ages. It has become the most crucial tool for self-deception when girls lose weight.
Where there's yogurt, there are YOGURT LIDS
And the layer of yogurt that sticks to the lid of yogurt is regarded as the most precious and delicious thing in the world.
In the modern world, there is a growing craze for Licking Yogurt lids.
To get the most out of it, some People even collect yogurt lids to add to milk tea.

Today, the act of licking yogurt lids before drinking yogurt has long been an essential yardstick for measuring people's wealth.

The act of licking covers not only reflects people's adherence to the traditional virtue of frugality but also reflects the highest expression of the concept of respect for food.

Someone asked if I could use my knowledge of materials to Invent A YOGURT-FREE LID? But I think if this problem is solved, the people will feel lost.
The majority of people complain about the main problem is that the bottom of the Cup of yogurt will always be left, never suck clean! And at the end of each drink, the Straw makes a loud purring sound.

Every class, meetings, self-study When Drinking Yogurt, this voice will always let me become the focus of the whole room. I think this is-the Voice of Poverty

Why can't you always suck it clean when drinking Yogurt? Is there any scientific way to improve it? In the heart-rending moment, I decided to make a fundamental change to the waste of Yogurt, which insults human intelligence and exacerbates economic leakage!

1. YOGURT WASTE Phenomenon

With the idea of letting people know about Yogurt, I rushed downstairs and raked all the Good Yogurt in the convenience store.

The Most Popular Types of yogurt on the market fall into three main categories:

I believe that every reader has his or her yogurt in his or her heart, but for reducing waste, which kind of yogurt is the least wasteful? We can only answer this question by conducting experiments on the flesh.

Every time I drink a cup of Yogurt, I record its total weight, the net weight of the Yogurt, the weight of the box, and the influence of the yogurt left at the bottom of the cup to calculate the rate of leftover milk. To ensure the objectivity and the truth of the experimental data, I drank three cups of each type of yogurt.

After drinking nine bottles of Yogurt, I drew the stats on the toilet wall

From the above figure we can figure out, The percentage of milk leftover is nearly 14%  for the most often drank cupped yogurt!

This means that for every seven cups of yogurt a Person Drinks, the wasted yogurt makes up a new cup. If you Drink One Cup of yogurt a day, you will waste 5 kg of yogurt a year, which is equivalent to hoarding 52 Cups! By analogy, if everyone in the United States Drank a cup of yogurt every day, a year of wasted yogurt could add up to 32.6 circles around the world!

To prevent the Earth surrounded by  32.6 circle yogurt of this strange scene, I decided to explore the truth!


Yogurt is sticky
Think about it, the same drink, why no one has ever complained about the problem of unclean when drinking plain water? This is because the viscosity of water is small, and yogurt itself viscosity, low mobility, old stick to the wall and the bottom of the cup.
But Mark Twain said most people have no idea what viscosity is. The following table provides a set of reference values based on the thickness of water (in CP).

By comparison, yogurt is very viscous in the most common drinkable fluids.

To give you a better idea of the viscosity of various types of yogurt, I randomly selected four Brands of Cup yogurt to drip onto a piece of paper and then stood up to measure their fluidity:

To avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not list the brands
But you can see, The first Brands yogurt flew off the ground, showing the unusual agility of yogurt, while the last three positioned perfectly at the starting line, with little or no fluidity.

It is this illiquid Yogurt that leads to waste! Now they have succeeded in getting my attention.


 People who often Drink Yogurt will find, Yogurt Cup bottom and the junction of the Cup Wall easy to form a corner, leading to the accumulation of yogurt. It's like when we take a bath in the bathroom, the foam tends to build up in the corner and won't wash down

Again, there are some bugs in the straw design. To make it easier to pierce the packaging, all straws have an oblique cut at the bottom:

As the picture shows, when the yogurt almost finished, the straw can not completely wrap around the mouth of the tube, making it difficult to suck the yogurt up. Instead, it will make an embarrassing noise of poverty due to air friction.


Besides sucking yogurt through a straw, the most common method we use is to lick it. The Tom Cat next door can drink yogurt clean because it has a long tongue and can lick it in! But the human tongue, because of the length of the limit, at most can only lick the lid,  can't do anything about the bottom of the cup and the depth of the container!


Now that we know all the reasons why we can help you figure out how to Finish Your Yogurt. I first set my sights on the yogurt 

(a)Wait for good news

Scientists once made a famous pitch drop experiment. In 1927 they put a lump of the pitch in a funnel and let it drip. Today, 90 years later, it has dripped nine drops.

Pitch drop experiment, who put asphalt in a funnel and watched it drip, has been described as one of the most extended trials in history. Since Physicist Tomas Parnell began the experiment in 1927, there have been nine drops, one drop in 10 years, and the experimenter has been passed on to the third generation.

This experiment gave me great inspiration! Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid that drips off at prolonged speeds. Yogurt again sticky, presumably also sticky as asphalt, as long as drink the rest of the yogurt box upside down on the mouth, The yogurt will slowly flow into your mouth under the force of gravity.

So I began the long wait
At first, it fell fast, drip like drizzle, then slower and slower, like the splash of a constipated person taking a shit. I was trying to keep track of when different brands of yogurt had run out, but now it's been eight hours, and it's not finished yet.

By the time this article was published, the yogurt had almost dried out. I decided to re-test it in a closed environment, and I'll let you know when it's finished dripping. 


We all know, yogurt at room temperature is a thick liquid, will stick to the bottom of the Cup Wall. But if you freeze it, it becomes solid! I'm sure it wasn't so sticky then! So I put the yogurt in the freezer overnight, and the next day I took it out

- Amazing!-(laughs)! Frozen Yogurt has become a complete and non-stick reliable, perfect to meet my "zero surpluses, zero-waste" requirements! If you look at the image below, it's an ideal separation. 

And the frozen Yogurt has an unexpected texture, paired with a variety of fruit and nuts, to create a brand-new three-star Michelin Dessert: Golden Yogurt.

But I soon found a problem, every time I eat half of the yogurt, the rest will be re-melted into a thick liquid stuck to the bottom of the cup, the question back to the original point, leaving the dog and me confused.

It looks like I'm Gonna have to revolutionize the way we drink yogurt.

(c)Needle method

As we mentioned earlier, regular straws don't suck yogurt up quickly because the bottom of the straw is cut diagonally, so it's hard to reach the corners of the cup. 
So is there anything in the world that has a thin tube mouth and a strong suction force that can effectively suck the yogurt out of the bottom of a cup?


It may seem silly to many viewers, but it cleverly takes advantage of the flat bottom of the needle and the strong suction to solve the inherent disadvantages of the Straw. It makes it easy to suck the yogurt out of the bottom of the cup. Highly Recommend you can go to try! 

When I finished, it occurred to me that if I had designed the yogurt package directly as a Syringe, because the rubber tip of the syringe fits perfectly with the wall of the Syringe, the yogurt could be pushed out entirely without sticking to the wall at all. Once mass-produced, it will eliminate waste and benefit the people.

I quickly contacted several well-known yogurt carton manufacturers. They have rejected my proposal and suggested that I see a doctor. But I believe that after this article is published, there will be Visionary yogurt manufacturers and investors to negotiate with me in the foreseeable future, then yogurt market will be changed because of me!

(d)Dimensional Reduction

Why is yogurt so delicious, but the little bit on top of it is the most popular, luring people to lick a layer of plastic over and over again? Why do people lick the lid full of excitement and joy,  but when you drink yogurt properly, IT TASTES bland.
After a lot of research, I finally concluded! This is essentially the pleasure humans get from eating FOOD IN A REDUCED-DIMENSIONAL WAY!
Humans are a three-dimensional creature, and yogurt in a cup is a three-dimensional food, so you don't feel much when you eat it. But the yogurt lid IS A TWO-DIMENSIONAL PLANE! It is this difference in the dimension that allows us to eat yogurt lid in any way we want, especially when licking them in such a touching, elegant, yet lewd manner that they feel not only useful but also clean.
Humans like to hit flies, making a pancake , in essence is also a dimension of the pleasure of combat.
Well, in that case, we're on the right track. As long as the three-dimensional Yogurt all turn into two-dimensional, you can eat fresh and clean!

First, I practiced with a Carton of Yogurt, and the dimensionality reduction hit was something like this:

- Amazing!-(laughs)! It's so easy to squish! We can also use this method when we drink boxed Yogurt in the future! If you can't drink out cupped Yogurt, you can also reduce the dimensions, just like this:

The Cup has become a piece of paper. It is much more convenient to lick it at this time. At the same time, you can also take care of the practice of palm.

(e)Pull the tongue back and forth with the method of advancing and discarding

As mentioned above, Yogurt covered with yogurt can be licked clean, while yogurt in a cup can not be licked clean, the core problem is that the tongue is too short..

In this case, let the tongue grow long, the problem will be solved!
The French biologist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck put forward the "use it or lose it" theory to show that the organs of the organism will develop if they used frequently. So I suggest you do the same as I do every day, stick to the tip of the tongue to push, roll tongue, hard pull, lead
tongue upward action. As long as the tongue becomes 2 cm longer, you can thoroughly lick the Cup of Yogurt Clean!

In this paper, the primary market on the current bottled, boxed, Cup of Yogurt for a detailed introduction and specific taste, the statistics of the different packaging of Residual yogurt rate. Furthermore, Taking Cupped Yogurt as an example, the effects of Yogurt viscosity, package shape, Straw design, and tongue length on drinking clean yogurt were analyzed. In the end, this paper gives a creative way to drink yogurt with no yogurt  left, and I believe this paper will provide a new way of thinking for the long-standing problems of yogurt industry 

Hiccup, That's my research on yogurt. Anyway, I'm GONNA go back to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet, I suddenly had an epiphany, if you can solve the root cause of the problem, We would not have the phenomenon discussed in this article and perplex us, and what is the fundamental issue? What we buy is ready-made Yogurt on the market. If we think differently and make our own yogurt, then it's up to us to decide what kind of container to put it in For example: You can use a plate to hold the yogurt, so it is more convenient to drink it.