Wash Your Foot with 1000 Brush Hair -- Brush Massager Slippers

Every day wearing breathless shoes to walk, especially in the summer, it is easy to stink, dead skin is also thick. Bending over to wash your feet is not only inconvenient but also easy to fall down. Recently discovered a foot-washing artifact -- Brush Massager slippers.

It's an easy way to solve your problems with it, Let's take a look at some of its magic

Take a closer look at this slipper, in addition to larger than the average slipper wider, the vamp is also densely covered with brushes, the location of the heel of the shoe has a whetstone, the sole

has a slip-resistant paste. According to statistics, 1,000 brushes can more completely clean feet, covering the places where usual hand challenging to clean. This slipper can be worn on any size of foot!

Just turn on the TAP, Rub your feet in it, you can get the dirt out of your toes; Rub it again, and let the stones remove the dead skin. Just like that, your feet will be clean and delicate. It's so convenient, you don't have to bend over to pick up the soap and wash your feet anymore!