With the help of it , Never over-sleep again! -- Runaway Digital LCD Alarm

People who love to stay in bed must have had the experience: the alarm clock rang, directly on the switch to continue to sleep, to set several alarm clocks to wake up. If you are one of these people, then you have to pay attention, because of your nemesis!
He is the fabled escape alarm clock, you see it seems to smile at you!

It only needed four batteries to operate and was so strong that it could fall a meter without a scratch. It'll give you a chance to turn it off before it wakes you up, but after the second time, you're not staying in bed. It's an interesting clock that rolls, has two wheels, and when you set it to wake up, in addition to beeping like a regular alarm clock, it rolls away on its own, supposedly without knowing where it's going. To shut it up, you have to get out of bed and catch it before it disappears into a corner. Hehe...
So you know, when the alarm goes off again, even the most sleepy person has to get out of bed.

If it's late, even if you jump out of bed like crazy, there's a chance you won't find him. Where are you, sweetheart?

Still having trouble sleeping in? Try this "escape alarm clock," play hide-and-seek with it, Start Your morning with a fun, and you'll be in a good mood all day. This alarm clock is fascinating.

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Product description
1. The alarm clock will always run forward, so be placed in the corner of the nightstand facing outward.
2. This alarm clock can withstand falling from a 3 feet high nightstand, so don't set it too high. No more than 3 feet tall
3. Alarm clocks can run on most wood floors, but we don't recommend using very thick rugs
4. The alarm clock will run in different directions for about 30 seconds until it finds a place to rest. When the alarm goes off, the backlight flashes
5. Sometimes, when the alarm clock hits the wall, pls spin it
6. After running, your alarm clock will continue to beep for 9 minutes, or until you get up and turn it off. Find the alarm clock and put it back on your bedside table. Don't let it sit on the floor
7. When checking the time at night, press any key to activate the backlight for 3 seconds
8. clocks flash when the power is low I'm warning you, it's time to change the batteries.