Your personal security guard – Door lock blocker

When staying in a hotel, many people worry that the door will be accidentally opened by others, so it is challenging to sleep safely. Some people use hotel chairs against the door, but it is difficult to prevent others from the break-in.

I did a quick Internet search on the news of the break-in, and it just started pouring in. A search revealed that the number of such burglaries was so high because the cost of learning to pick locks was incredibly low. A piece of paper can open the door seconds, the news about this is endless.

So everyone, even if you're staying in the most expensive hotel, even if you're using the most advanced locks and locking them from the inside. And you could put yourself in danger at any moment. So, I really, really, really, really recommend that you take a blocker with you.

And this little thing in the picture might help you.

Yes, I'm a big fan of door lock blocker myself, so I was a big part of introducing the product. So take a look at our live shoot.

The Doorlock blocker has the following advantages:
1. High Security, very simple to use.
2. Bright appearance, novel design, has a brief fashion style.
3. Simple and light, easy to carry.
Very lightweight, tiny size, about the size of a mobile phone, easy to carry. Can Be placed in any medium-sized Bag, bank manager bag, or backpack.
4. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
It took only a few seconds to install. Just Pull it out gently, and it will come off very quickly.
5. Applicable to a wide range of occasions.
Fit for Most Hotel and apartment locks.
6. Suitable for all kinds of people.
Single female tourists, young tourists, business tourists, family travel, students travel, the elderly journey.

doors that are opened inward can be used when the door seam is larger than 3mm.