A Better stress reliever than the fidget spinner

When the pressure comes, some people like to squeeze bubble wrap to relieve the stress at work.

Not to mention, listening to the sound of the patter, not only less pressure but also more and more strong feeling to keeps pinching more

An hour on the job, seven on the bubble wrap. I haven't done anything for a whole day. I'm just pinching bubbles. I don't know why there's so much pressure?

If at work found all bubble wrap was pinched, it can only be done to the keyboard, but the keyboard is not up to par, soon broke down

It seems to find another way to decompress AH! Like the latest super-popular decompression artifact "fidget top," only the thumb and forefinger pinch the middle of the nut, just a flick of the Middle Finger, not only decompression incidentally can exercise hand!

But that's just for low-level players, and high-level players are using a myriad of tricks to make themselves look good, like spinning and jumping:

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For someone as impatient as me, a fidget spinner will only make me more stressed out. Isn't there a better, Simpler Stress Reliever?

Of course, there are, like this Decompression Ball.

A Creative desktop spinning stress reliever

Decompression Ball looks like a sphere, but its base is flat.

Finger out, gently slide the surface, and a magical phenomenon has occurred, 360 constantly rotating ball, The spiral lines on the surface of the sphere flow continuously to the desktop

If you rotate the sphere from side to side, you'll find a different surprise

And it can rotate on any flat surface, and it's perfectly okay to play with your hands.

Even the base can be played with, and it uses stainless steel bearing technology to ensure smooth, silent and durable rotation of Decompression Ball, and easy to disassemble, To satisfy your Curiosity

You can also try playing with more than one Decompression Ball, and There are many more games to discover

The smooth-faced Decompression Ball is made of aviation-grade aluminum with a simple threaded design that makes it an impeccable fashion accessory even on a desk

Ever wonder why a spinning ball like that relieves stress?
That's because looking at something that spins smoothly allows you to focus on what's right in front of you, to let go of all the distractions, and to make your mind relax
It helps users stay focused, relieve stress, or relax during work hours or brainstorming sessions.
Especially when it comes to letting go of stress, look at it when you're upset, and before you know it, five minutes will pass.

"Huh? Who Am I? Where am I? What am I going to do? " I completely forgot why I was so unhappy, and even when I remembered it, I was not so excited.

The design team is afraid that only one color is too monotonous, there are currently 5 colors for everyone to choose, so It's also easy to mix and match with office design

want to have tried, check below!

Except this one recently I unlocked a new stress reliever,

Follow the Mandala Workbook, draw, and somebody tells me that  it will relax your mind

But it takes patience to get it right.

I think I'll go with something a little less complicated

I don't think there's anything suits me.