After eating dozens of watermelons, I finally invented a scientific way to eat watermelons that avoids all seeds!

Watermelon is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery on a hot summer day

it has evolved for thousands of years since they were discovered
it've worked really hard to get where it is today
Check out these four evolutionary maps of watermelons from the 17th and 18th centuries
Makes you want to live a few more years until durians and mangoes have evolved shells and pits

In many countries of the world, watermelons are expensive and enjoyed only by the upper classes. But with the development of the market economy, watermelons have become the people's watermelons. For example, in many places of the world, the streets are full of people selling melons in trucks and buying melons in sacks.

I've been eating a lot of watermelons lately, in addition to an increased number of times I go to the bathroom every day, and Inadvertently solved across a century-old physics super-puzzle!
In High School Physics Class, a hundred years ago, the discoverer of the electron, J. J. Thomson proposed an atomic watermelon model: Atoms are made up of positive charges and electrons, which are distributed evenly, like seeds in a watermelon.

It doesn't make any sense! If I had been born 100 years earlier, I could have simply overturned the model! Because one day, when I eat watermelon, cut out two pieces of watermelon is like this.

This shows that the seeds in the watermelon distribution is obviously uneven!

It is believed that many people have noticed that the central part of the watermelon is the sweetest and seedless, and those near the rind are also seedless.
Since the distribution of seeds in the watermelon, there is a certain law, then we must comply with this law, to find a scientific way to eat melon, perfect to avoid all the seeds, then eat up more cool! Unfortunately, there are few practical watermelon eating strategies out there, and we still have to spit seeds every day when we eat watermelon, which is inefficient and unsightly. So today I will eat melon as an example for you , and give an elegant, efficient way to eat melon scientific!


WaterMelon is the basic shape of the ELLIPSOID, The dark and light alternating green melon patterns are distributed along the Meridians of the long axis, When eating watermelon, cut it in half from the equator, then scoop it up with a spoon. The model of the melon is drawn by Matlab looks like this

To study the distribution of seeds in watermelon, our method is very intuitive: Slice Tomography of Watermelon! Slice melon into thin slices and count the seeds on them!

First, take a watermelon and measure its shape. This 27cm long and 19cm wide watermelon is a
healthy Adult oval-shaped Watermelon with an eccentricity of 0.7.

Confirm Equatorial position. CUT it IN HALF!

- Amazing!-(laughs)! From the equatorial plane of the two halves of the melon seems to be able to see some patterns!
White lines radiate from the center of the melon. The pulp on the line is light red, and the flesh between the lines is dark red. As you can see from the image below, the black dotted line is divided into 4 sections (and many varieties have 3 sections), each with two arcs in the shape of a heart!

When we zoom in, it actually becomes much clearer

Zoom in, and you'll see that all the seeds are inside and around the four hearts, and the best bite
in the center is entirely seedless!

There are usually 4 seeds in the center area of each heart, which we define as a heart seed. There will be two seeds on each side of each heart as if guarding the two hearts, defined as guard seeds. There may be places where the seeds are buried inside, but the overall distribution is this!

This is, after all, just the distribution of seeds on the cross-section of watermelon. To study the distribution of seeds inside the watermelon, we slice the melon along the latitude line. As we all know, When you slice a watermelon, you slice it, the melon will be irregular immediately split. To get a complete plane melon slice, I used a high-level precision machining method widely used in modern industry-----line cutting.

And then I cut half the melon into four perfect “Pancakes.”

- Amazing!-(laughs)! Take a good look! The distribution of seeds in each slice is exactly the same! Each slice is made up of four sections, each containing up to four heart seeds and four-guard seeds.

At this point, The distribution of seeds in watermelon has become very clear! That's what it looks like


Everyone likes to gulp down seedless watermelons. Now that we know the law of seed distribution,
how to use this law to eat any watermelon seedless? Let's do it!
All seeds are guarded by guard seeds, We cut along the guard seed, you can get four thin and long guard watermelons, four thick heart watermelons.

this is a chopped-up guard melon.

The inside of the guard melon has no seeds at all, only a few guard seeds on the surface. Pick out guard seed with a knife at will, you can eat it!

After eating guard melon, leftover the big heart melon seeds on the more complex, how to eat more enjoyable?

As long as the deconstruction of a piece of heart melon structure, the eating method is obvious

First, cut the heart watermelon into three pieces along the Yellow Line

The first one has no seeds at all. JUST GULP!

The third part near the rind is also completely seedless, so eat it! Although it's not sweet.

All the seeds are concentrated in the second block, cut and open to finding that this block is full of fucking seeds.

What's the best way to avoid so many seeds?

I can't. I'm done

Actually, you have a better idea
Choose a seedless watermelon that solves your problem perfectly
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