Ugly, big, and heavy? The Foldable Backpack, which fits in your pocket, says no! BACKPACKS also can be small and delicate!

After years of work, do you still pack a computer bag or black backpack with a cross on it to catch buses, subways, and trains?
These backpacks are usually weighty, with a lot of storage pockets, have a lot of functions, and are full of zippers at first sight. They are very bulky to carry on your back. It is hot and tiring to carry them on your back for a few steps always There's a big wet spot on the back.
If a backpack needs to accompany you to walk a long way, then it is worth choosing a better one.

Besides, there will always be some unexpected circumstances in life, to prepare a little expandable storage space, is a sage choice, who would have thought today on the way home will not encounter your favorite goods? Want to buy but not convenient to carry, what a pity

The foldable pocket backpack is one such creative product, a small enough to fit into the pocket

One of the great things about this bag is that it is tiny when folded and about as long as a pen. Folding only 8.5 X 6.5 cm open the size 47 X 28 X 15 cm .

on a trip that literally could fit anywhere
Incredibly, this fold-up bag weighs only 75g, but it can hold 15kg

If you think this pack doesn't pack much, you're wrong. When unpacked, it's almost the size of a regular backpack, with a capacity of 20L.

I tried it myself and was able to easily fit a throw pillow in and see how much space there was. To my surprise, there was still plenty of room for more stuff
So pack some clothes, batteries, camera batteries, etc. When you go out to play. For Valuables. You can put them in a small pocket inner it
When not in use, It fits easily into a small storage bag

This lightweight foldable backpack is light and thin, but it's still solid and very wearable.

Also can prevent the daily splash, after sprinkling water, quickly wipe on it. Just OK!

Sweet detail, and very comfortable to carry
Breathable shoulder straps don't sweat. And there's a handle to take it. Even in the heat of summer, it's a refreshing experience.

Use Experience
After a week of use, whether it is school, work, travel, or outdoor adventure, are suitable for such a super lightweight foldable backpack.
1 Light, easy to receive, suitable for carry-on, or put in the luggage to use as a sub-bag, In case of an emergency
2The water-proof function of the main compartment is excellent, suitable for putting some valuables that can't get wet

1 For the sake of lightweight, the backpack will deform when it is filled;

Do you want to try real traveling light?

Available in a variety of colors, as well as handbag styles
 Tech change your life!