Win the game with your hair? Experiment reveals HAIRSTYLE'S decisive effect on goal !

As a real football fan, I watched the final of the 2018 World Cup at home today. It was really wonderful! It still looks fascinating!

The final was played by France against Croatia, Six goals were scored, three by France and three by Croatia, France won 4-2…Congratulations on France's victory over Croatia!

Although I lost motivation after England's defeat, France's game against Croatia rekindled my desire for scientific analysis of the World Cup. After the final, I can not help but began to reflect on why the World Cup Stars have been out? And why should France have the last laugh?
After poring over the performance of this year's World Cup winners, and reading
a lot of related reports
I was surprised to find that one factor that had a significant impact on the outcome of the competition-the hairstyle.

1 An analysis of the importance of hairstyle in a football match
In this World Cup, the hairstyles of the players of different countries have their own
Characteristics. Neymar, for example, He once left in the field that bowl of instant noodles, still recalls with relish, even though Messi and Ronaldo had already taken him home.

I started to wonder if these players were using too much force in their styling... but it turns out that this level of hairstyle is not surprising among football PLAYERS!
Here's Taribo West of Nigeria, Known in football for his green cornrows.

The GERVINHO's hairstyle is variable. I didn't understand why he had a
strap across his forehead until one day the the strap came off...

I suggest you strap it on.

Then there's the eight-antenna wi-fi OCTOPUS HAIRSTYLE

And the hair that's ready to stab the back chasers to death

The girls around me tell me that behind every stupid hairstyle there is a lot of thought behind it.
The World Cup is packed with active players, and the hairstyle made by these top players must be part of their strategy! For twenty-five years I've been asking myself, What the hell are these players doing with their hair?
Until one day, Ronaldo answered my question.

As a skilled legend, why did Ronaldo insist on keeping a lock of hair on the top of his forehead and shaving everything else? Is IT TO IMITATE ALIENS?
Of course not
The answer is obvious: It's for heading the ball! 

The headed ball is mainly used in the forehead and the front part of the head. Apart from the strength and skill of the players, the third most important factor in heading a good header is the hairstyle. It has been observed that high-level players frequently adjust their hairstyles to optimize their heading techniques, as in the case of Ronaldo, Beckham
and Neymar

Note: there are only three people on this map

How does the hairstyle affect the header? Is it better to be bald when heading a goal? Does the ball wobble over the SMOOTH SCALP? It is necessary for us to explore through theory and experiment the decisive influence of hairstyle on heading and even on the pattern of the World Cup.

2 The effect of hairstyle on heading speed and direction

The two most important factors for a header are speed and direction. Hair is a vital part of the head affects the direction of the ball .and is about to change the fate of the team.
Next, I will proceed from the speed and the direction of the two factors to carry out the specific analysis.

[ experiment 1] the effect of hairstyle on heading speed

When a ball hits your head at speed V, it should theoretically bounce back at the same speed.
But there is actually a loss of energy in the collision and the rebound speed will be less than V.

In this process, the elasticity of the SCALP and hair will determine the size of the rebound speed.
The more elastic you are, the faster you can head the ball!

Our intuition tells us that If it's a bald-headed ball, the ball bounces off the hard scalp with great force. When a head ball with hair, it will obviously have a cushioning effect on the ball, making it less powerful. Let's explore this effect experimentally.

First of all, choose the most representative hairstyle as the experimental object. There are many hairstyles in the world of football, but the most common are these three.

We designed the following device to control the foot from the same height, so that makes the ball hit the head model wearing three different wigs at the same speed, and then watch its rebound. 

Just Like this
To make the experiment highly realistic, I bought a model of a foot on a shopping website and dressed it in white socks to recreate a real football game

Pull the foot at a fixed height and kick the ball with equal force to hit the DUMMY HEAD! Like this

Let the experiment begin! We played three kicks in each set of three hairstyles.

Three blows to the head and the head is still okay. Now grab a shot from a high-speed camera of the ball bouncing off its highest point.

Note: The diameter of the soccer ball is 2cm in the pic, the actual diameter is 22cm, so the height between the real football and the head after bouncing is 16.5 cm, 8.8 cm, and 3.3 cm respectively

conclusion Bald head 16.5 cm > short head 8.8 cm > Afro head 3.3 cm! Thus, the smooth head elasticity is perfect, can maintain a high ball speed after heading, and the buffer effect of the Afro head is strong, will slow down the ball speed.
This experiment shows that the bald head in the attack can head out faster, more unexpected header, more suitable for the forward, like Mbappe is wearing this head all the way to the final, leading the French team to win the championship!

But Afro can slow down the other team's ball very well on defense, so afro will usually play at the back, such as Marcellus

Unfortunately, in the final, the Croatian defender Mandzukic did not stay unkempt, which directly caused him not to block the French team's header, but headed an own goal. STRAIGHT TO FRANCE WITH A GOAL

At this point, I think I've seen through the secrets of football which last for a thousand years.

And if players want to make their technical the system more comprehensive, do both defensive and offensive, can be bald and Afro combination, one side shaved the side of the Afro, to achieve A DUAL-PURPOSE EFFECT

2 Effect of hairstyle on heading direction

Whether shooting or defending, a good header requires precise direction. This requires not only excellent head control but also a hairstyle that is good for ball control. And the essence of hairstyle ball control is friction.

On the Field, players need to receive the a ball from all sides and head it in their direction of attack.
This requires the players to use their head friction to change the direction and the speed of the ball, or even to spin the ball to add rotation! Let's see for ourselves which hairstyle holds the ball better.

Let's first dress the Test subject up as a common hairstyle on a football field

Considering the difference between the the friction coefficient of the artificial leather and the SCALP,
I carefully put vaseline on the outer layer of the bald head to make it closer to those shiny heads on the court.

The experiment is conducted on a point system. First, I will draw the target on the wall, then I will stand in three different positions and use the header ball to hit the target. As shown in the Diagram

Afro head, Shorthead, and bald head were used to head the ball at 3 test points, and the scores were recorded after 10 experiments, To compare and come up with the best head-ball hairstyle Now let's take test point 2 as an example to show how the research works:
First, there's the bald head. It was my first bald head as an adult and I used it to head the ball.

The second is the short head. This Toupee is too hard to wear. I wonder if it's too big for my head.

And finally, the afro head. Seriously, With so many balls on your head, I think my head is more exploding than that Toupee right now.

The score was recorded on video.

In this way, after a 3x3x3 = 27 round header, I counted a set of numbers against a mild concussion

[ experimental conclusion ] Amazing! The score of the Afro is far ahead, showing that the Afro is indeed a good head for ball control! And a shaved head is a little weak in controlling direction. Think about it. When you're bald and Sweaty, it's so smooth, the ball will probably just pass you by, like this

I was really lost when my scalp was rubbed off.
Physically, the change from bald to Afro is primarily an increase in friction. According to this idea, as long as the hair friction maximum value, you can have the world's most ball-controlling Head! And the most friction hairstyle is probably this one.

3. Other effects of hairstyle on the game

As the top part of a person's body, the hair is the most prominent, most conspicuous, it plays three leading roles in the game

The objective on the direction of football speed control
A subjective deterrent to opposing players
To increase recognition in the live audience

Take Neymar, for example, who is unstoppable in his approach and can virtually crush opponents on the offensive by stimulating the appetite of their defenders.

In the game against Switzerland, Neymar carried the bowl of instant noodles around with ease, stirring up hunger and causing the Swiss to scramble to 10 Fouls on Neymar. Apparently, the Brazilian coach's hairstyle design was a success.

Also, hair oil is a common the tactic used by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo often bathes his hair in oil, so that when he heads the ball, it rubs against the ball, increasing the chances of the goalkeeper's hand being buttered. Let's see how it works.

So  If you put your mind to it, no matter what kind of hairstyle, it is possible to integrate into their tactics. Let's apply the principle of hairstyle to headshot to practice and make it a great power!

3. A New Dream Team

Since the hairstyle can have an impact on the header, I designed a brand new Dream Team based on the position and characteristics of each player, taking full advantage of the hairstyle features of the players!
Forwards: The striker is a team's attacker, in the process of carrying the ball will face many people's defense, in the way forward was intercepted, easy to drop the ball. And a bucket hairstyle can keep football in check, just like this!

Midfielders: Midfielders need to pass the ball accurately, and if they can use their hairstyles to create a certain trajectory, they can pass the ball accurately

DEFENDER: It is important to intercept the ball and counter-attack quickly when the ball is dribbled into your own half or even into the penalty area. At this point, you can use a U hairstyle.

Goalkeeper: The more hair on the ball buffer the stronger, if the hair is luxuriant enough, and then permed into a root clear Afro, then the ball can not enter the goal, the goalkeeper can achieve zero mistakes, just like this

That way, the other team can't score at all. All the space in front of the door is locked by the keeper! Even Pouvong would be ashamed to see it. This trick can only be solved if the opposing player sprays shampoo on the goalkeeper's head, which is not allowed on the Field, so it's unbeatable.

Kill Shot: Conditional team can also dye the hair of the players with the same color of a football, in the head-butting, when the other side is not clear head or the ball, completely unable to hit
Finally, the situation on the football field has always been unpredictable, the corresponding hair strategy to keep up with the case, Which requires each team has a large number of Hairstylist. It is in this sense that France and Croatia are ahead of the curve, which is why they are doing So well. I believe that shortly, there will be a new career-the official World Cup designated hairdresser

PS: A friendly reminder, It's a good header, but don't overdo it