Is leg hair a mosquito repellent?

Summer, there are always some seasonal magic myths, such as leg hair, is an anti-mosquito weapon.

The folk myth has been around for a long time, and until recently, bloggers were sent a message saying, "it's summer, and hairy-legged boys are good, " with the following caption:

Can you feel the despair of a mosquito?

The story of a vampire trapped by leg hair happens every summer, and other netizens have contributed their own experiences. Look, this netizen has killed a mosquito with his leg hair:

See, the leg hair isn't very long, but it's so dense that the mosquitoes have nowhere to go:

For a moment, the owners of leg hair seem to have won a free pass, rejoicing that their physical barrier is impervious to mosquitoes. The hairless is drawn into a spiral of envy and, worse, into a diabolical shouting at each other: Although your legs are hairy, your scalp is about to become a biting place!

If you ask me, yes, but not necessarily. Not all leg hair is resistant to mosquito attacks, you see, some leg hair is attractive to mosquitoes!

It seems almost puzzling that some leg hair kills mosquitoes, some leg hair attracts mosquitoes, what is the relationship between leg hair and mosquitoes? Why don't you finish this article before you think about leg implants?

Where'd you get the leg hair?

Leg Hair is hair that grows on the legs and calves of human beings. Men usually have more hair on their legs than women, and their appearance is more rugged and powerful. Women's leg hair is usually not prominent, but some women's leg hair is extremely outstanding. It's growing like a male.

Children rarely have leg hair, leg hair usually appears in late adolescence, by genetic factors, hormone levels. Hairy men tend to have high levels of testosterone, with thick leg hair often paired with a prominent Adam's apple and a deep voice, a clear sign of male secondary sexuality.

Different races have different levels of body hair, and Middle Eastern, European and Mediterranean races tend to have more hairy legs, perhaps because they have darker hair. East Asian and African races tend to have less foot hair
Genetic factors also play an essential role,If your father is a hairy-legged, hairy-chested man, and if you are unlucky to be female, you are likely to be stuck with the tricky issue of hair removal.

Of course, leg hair is not useless, do not disrelish it ugly, they are just low-key wild.
For one thing, leg hair does, in a way, protect against mosquito bites. That's because the roots of all the leg hairs are connected to the nerves, and you can feel them dancing in the slightest breeze. By analogy, when a mosquito approaches your leg, the movement of the hair triggers a nerve, and your body immediately picks up the signal, improving its ability to detect mosquitoes.

Secondly, leg hair in the physical level will also affect the normal play of mosquitoes. Imagine a mosquito that isn't very good at crawling. It's focused on its front legs, and it flies around all the's OK to crawl on smooth skin occasionally, but when it comes to complex terrains, like hairy areas, mosquitoes are likely to be unable to get off their feet, even if they can not, and worse, their wings are caught in the hair of legs, and they may not be able to fly.

But is that all there is to it?

When God gives you a little grace, he will dig a big hole for you. Leg Hair block mosquito, but also attracted mosquitoes in the invisible, mosquitoes like some of the characteristics, a lot of leg hair party can meet.

Leg Hair and mosquitoes: love or kill?
First, contrary to intuitive belief, mosquitoes do not favor people with a particular blood type. Scientists have repeatedly shown that what mosquitoes like to bite is not related to blood type or gender, but rather to the strength of the signals you send to them. The signs are transmitted through the air, attracting mosquitoes to find their target quickly.

The main signals the body emits to attract mosquitoes include carbon dioxide, lactic acid in sweat, body temperature, humidity, and metabolites of skin bacteria.

The way mosquitoes track their prey is complex. In short, they rely mainly on the olfactory pheromone pathway, which uses carbon dioxide to detect prey at long distances .when close to the victim, they mainly through the visual pathway, temperature perception pathway (body temperature, color, lactic acid in sweat and so on).

The human body releases about 400 metabolic compounds. Carbon dioxide mainly through inhalation and skin, lactic acid in the mouth and sweat. And more specifically, the body's Sebum, exocrine glands, and sweat glands Excreted compounds, including mixtures of lactic acid, pyruvic acid (a product of fat metabolism) and dimethyl disulfide (a derivative of the protein that bacteria break down), are particularly attractive to mosquitoes.

People with hairy legs, on the other hand, smell more intensely and stay longer. Whether you can smell it or not, for mosquitoes, it's a signal flare on their legs, highlighted and thickened To attract mosquitoes from ten miles around.

At the same distance, mosquitoes also tend to gravitate toward dark objects, known as "darkening", through the visual pathway.

Black clothing is the mosquito's preferred target, followed by blue, red and green, and nocturnal white. If you've ever struck a mosquito in the dark and couldn't find anything after turn on the light, try peering into a corner, furniture shadow, behind a curtain. Mosquitoes love to hide in the dark.

By the same token, what color is the leg hair? Black. In the wild, mosquitoes like to stay in the dark, damp Bush, come to the human society, your leg hair is their small mobile forest, want to get into the play There is always a place not covered by hair, the nearest bite is also delicious,.

Finally, mosquitoes are particularly fond of warm-blooded animals, which are tropical and subtropical in their own right, and the temperature-sensing system makes them prefer warm-blooded targets. If you put three kinds of animal to let mosquito to free choice, pig, person, cat, the mosquito will undoubtedly bite the pig that temperature is on the high side first. Once one pig could not bear the mosquito bite, hit the wall to commit suicide in Xinjiang's central Mongolian border region, and it's no joke.

Leg Hair helps maintain sweat glands and regulate body temperature. Many men born with their own wool pants, winter can be less wear a pair of long johns, summer air-conditioning temperature to turn down one degree, are relying on this body warm leg hair. The insulation effect that the leg hair brings by oneself, also let an owner be subjected to mosquito alone.
In short, leg hair is its own characteristics of attracting mosquitoes, leg hair color, taste, and warmth, all let mosquitoes can not stop to provoke you.

If your leg hair particularly attracts mosquitoes, do not be too upset, a leg hair buddy revealed, anxious time can be stroked, immediately feel much happier, the effect is similar to your stroking the cat, stroked the dog, you want to try?