This ashtray is an air purifier, smoke in the house, no longer affect others!

Anyone who smokes knows that Sometimes I just want to smoke in the house, But it's also  about other people's feelings. We're just gonna have to suck it up,Of course, can quit best, but occasionally encounter such a situation how to take care of each other's feelings?
Non-smokers watch as people smoke and chat,just having a good time, Cigarette after cigarette,While you're out there breathing in secondhand smoke. It's really tough

But now, a creative solution to your problem has emerged

An "ashtray multifunction air purifier" that not only acts as an ashtray but also purifies the air at the same time, absorbing and purifying excess smoke. Even if you don't smoke, you can leave it on as an air purifier.It's an ashtray, but can also breathe in smoke to purify the air, Get rid of secondhand smoke easily

It's an ashtray, also an air purifier
Reduce the amount of secondhand smoke
A must-have for anyone who smokes

It is well known that smoke produced when smoking is mainly small solid particles, and the smell of smoke, the main ingredient is nicotine.The Ashtray is a removable design, the Internal Turbine Fan, activated carbon, flame-retardant filter, and fan several parts.

When in use, can be built through a powerful turbine fan, with particles of smoke sucked from the air inlet!

After the harmful impurities are filtered by the multi-channel activated carbon filter cotton, they are sent out from the air outlet to have the effect of purifying the air.

With a powerful built-in Turbofan, Smoke with particles is inhaled through the air inlet. After several passes of activated carbon filter cotton,filtering out the harmful impurities And then sent out through the air vents

In a confined space
It can effectively and quickly purify the harmful gas

It's worth noting that the fresh air produced by the powerful turbofan is also rich in negative ions, which can be as high as 8000000/cm3 or more, so you can keep it on as an air purifier even if you don't smoke.And there is two adjustable wind, whether single or multiple people smoking, can easily choose to adjust the different clean air mode.

Besides, the unique aromatherapy lattice design, can drop in the essential oil, purify the air at the same time, but also let the air with its own aroma.Built-in 4000 Mah lithium-ion battery, USB charging. Full Power, 20 hours in low-speed mode, 5 hours in high-speed mode, and it's also OK in the car

Whether at home, in the office, in the car and other environments, can facilitate smokers, play effective protection from second-hand smoke.

Smokers must have an ashtray that can clean the air, not only when smoking to minimize air pollution, not to worry about second-hand smoke will harm people around, but also can clean the air as an air purifier.

The smoke was sucked right out of me,It feels good not to leave any smell behind